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About Christian Alexandria Hopson
Christian 'Christy' Hopson  was MURDERED on May 19th & not on the 20th of 2016 
in the residence of a Deputy Sheriff named 'Jones' of Nacogdoches County in 
Nacogdoches Texas. She was 'allegedly' found inside of the Sheriff's house, 
dead inside the bedroom of Deputy Sheriff Jones' son, - Cassidy Lyn Jones. 

This so called Investigation was conducted by the Texas Rangers because the 
Nacogdoches Sheriff's Department has recused : ->

DEFINITION: ( - re·cuse - riˈkyo͞oz verb - NORTH AMERICAN )

PAST TENCE: Recused; past participle: recused - challenge - a judge, prosecutor, or juror -as 'UNQUALIFIED' 
to perform legal duties because of a possible 'CONFLICT OF INTEREST OR LACK OF IMPARTIALITY' ie: 

Namely = -> 'The Nacogdoches Sheriffs Department', a documented to be corrupt law enforcement body which has openly refused to accept ANY responsibility for the honest & truthful investigation of this CRIME by abdicating ignoring their sworn duty to uphold the Law as the Legal Law Enforcement Body within the Nacogdoches Community to potentially protect the guilty. This hypothesize is more than just obvious to myself & the family - it is a criminal fact.

In 2014 Christy was a victim of 'Domestic Assault' & a police report was filed. 
Can you guess who the accused party was in that 'reported' assault? That's right, 'THE PRIME SUSPECT'. 

Cassidy Lyn Jones was Christy's on again off again boyfriend of a few, plus or minus odd years. Prior to Christy's MURDER on May the 19th in 2016, she had a emergency procedure for a life threatening A-Topic Pregnancy in February of 2016. That procedure was necessary & successful & Christian's recovery was successful. 

Cassidy Lyn Jones was at her side before & after that procedure. 

Cassidy Lyn Jones was a house guest of Christy's at her Mothers residence before & after that procedure. 

Following her recovery, Christian returned to Dallas & her Mother's home to recuperate. Following her recuperation Christian returned to Nacogdoches to begin her new employment at a local business there that she had previously worked as a Professional Server. On her drive to Nacogdoches & to visit Cassidy Lyn Jones, she was in constant contact with her Mother, her extended family, her friends & her Co-workers. 

Her Co-Workers were the last friends she spoke with before she was MURDERED 

Christian's phone stopped receiving or returning calls at approximately 5:30 PM on May the 19th 2016. The last person to answer her phone - WAS NOT HER ! ! ! 

I CAN NOT STRESS THAT FACT ENOUGH & the Texas Ranger in-charge of this investigation knows this information also.

Christian's MURDERED body was found in Deputy Sheriff Jones home by the Deputy Sheriff 'presumably' when he returned home from work. The "Police Report" that was originally obtained by members of Christians' Family - Was 'taken from them' or rather 'stolen from them'  after they had that report in their possession. Why was that report taken from them? - The Texas Ranger / Sheriff who took that report from their possession, 'Cited' - "This information can NOT be made public as this is an 'ONGOING INVESTIGATION' ". 

I believe that it was taken from their possession so that the report could be adjusted or 'rather falsified' to help them cover up this CRIME on paper.

If YOU or any of YOUR friends know of ANY information which eventually leads to the arrest & conviction of her MURDERERS, YOU will forever have the gratitude of her family for YOUR help in bringing this crime to its' rightful conclusion !

Please CALL Representative Sheila Jackson Lee @ 713 - 655 - 0050 & Let her hear Christians voice - 
Speak with BOOKER, IVAN or AUDREY they know the facts !

PLEASE CALL The Texas Rangers Headquarters @ 512 - 424 - 2160 & And demand JUSTICE 4 Christian!

Ask them why her MURDER is not being investigated HONESTLY, TRUTHFULLY & ACCURATELY.


SEE - http://www.kltv.com/story/32573982/nacogdoches-county-chief-deputy-indicted-for-perjury